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Drawing Enrichment Program

The Learning Jungle School Drawing Enrichment Program is designed to introduce children between 3 to 12 years old to different drawing fundamentals and techniques including line weights, shading, highlighting, light and shadows, perspective, proportion, shapes, patterns and more. Children are then expected to create their own originals and stylistic pieces using the drawing principles they have learned.

In this program, the instructor will work very closely with the children, giving them constructive critique to quickly improve the drawing work. Children are taught how to break complicated subjects into simple shapes, focusing on proportion and perspective with the goal of developing the child’s full expressiveness through art.

You can expect the following from the program:

1 Constant Feedback - Children receive constant attention during class, giving constructive feedback to quickly improve the child’s skills.
2 Completed Drawings - Several drawing projects will be completed during the course of the program.

Benefits of learning drawing

1 Fosters and develops creativity, imagination, cognitive skills, hand-eye coordination and fine-motor skills in children
2 Strong link between increased academic achievement and involvement in the arts (www.artsusa.org)
3 Builds confidence and self-esteem in your child
4 Strengthens memory. Promotes spatial understanding, and better handwriting
5 Nurtures children’s perception and thoughts
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For full details about our Enrichment Program policies, fee schedules etc. contact the centre you are planning to attend.

For more information regarding which programs are available in your location, please choose the centre you are planning to attend.

Parent Testimonial

"It has been a great pleasure to send our daughter Alice to Learning Jungle School, where we all had a wonderful learning experience. In April, Alice is going to be a one and a half year old toddler. How time flies! She has to say goodbye to the infant program and transfer to a toddler program. Fortunately, there is another Learning Jungle School at Briarcrest Campus where it is much nearer to our home. So we are moving there.

Being Alice's parents, we are very proud of Alice's every day progress both in physical and brain development. Thanks to all Alice's three teachers: Ms. Alicia, Ms. Cheryl & Ms. Rosetta who contributed a lot of their energy to taking good care of our daughter Alice. She has grown up in a very happy environment and she really enjoyed every day being with all her three teachers. We are very grateful to them for their being so professional and tender and giving us lasting memories of her time there."

-- Zhenqiang W & Qiuli G