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Drop-In Care

What is Drop-In Care?

Drop-In Care, as the name suggests are the care-giving programs provided by Learning Jungle School for parents who need short-term care for their child at very short notice.

Your child experiences the same quality the regular childcare programs Learning Jungle School offers with the benefit of having our standard requirements for fee deposits and two-week notice for withdrawal waived.

For example, you might avail of this option when your regular care-giving option has been cancelled due to an emergency. Another example might be that you are visiting in the area and are looking for a couple of days of care for your child. We provide the perfect solution for this need.
How does it work?

Upon inquiry, the Supervisor will advise you if a spot is available for your child for those particular day(s) that you need such care.

Upon registration­, as you drop your child off, you will have peace-of-mind knowing that your child is in the hands of our caring staff. Rest assured that your child will experience the same kind of day as a regular child will experience in that program. If your child is registered for a program that includes meals and/or snacks, then your child will also get the same.
Can I use Drop-In Care Frequently?

You may use it as often as you require. If you are a regular visitor to the area, and require Drop-In Care, every so often, then make your needs known to the Centre Supervisor and she/he will be most happy to help you plan for it.

Your child will not be required to register again. Just make sure to update us with any emergency information that has changed.
Can I convert to a regular program?

At any time, depending on availability, you may convert to a program of your choice. Any unused portion of your Drop-In Care payments will be credited to the program you convert to.

As a matter of fact, you can choose Drop-In Care to learn/know about Learning Jungle School, before you make the decision to enroll your child full-time/part-time at the Centre.
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For full details about our Drop-In Care policies, fee schedules etc. contact the centre you are planning to attend.

For more information regarding which programs are available in your location, please choose the centre you are planning to attend.

Parent Testimonial

"Now that our daughter’s (Jianne S) stay has come to an end with Learning Jungle School – Cooksville Campus after completion of three years, my wife and I would like to take this opportunity first, to thank you and the staff of this location, namely, Ms. Jeanine, Ms. Ashley, Ms. Sima, Ms. Jane and Ms. Vanessa for the support provided towards our little girl’s academic, physical and psychological development through various programs, activities and remarkable feedback on her progress.

The staff have been extraordinary in their vocation and we as parents with a special needs child were very much dependent on them for her continued progress. Our daughter loves this school and she in her own way look forwards to being there every day and never has she grumbled about anything.

That shows the love and dedication of the teachers who have been extremely close to her. She has had a very sound development in her skills from all aspects and she is now ready to go for full-time school – once again THANK YOU Ms. Jeanine and your team.

I’m sure Jianne will miss you all.

Thank you sincerely!"

-- Carlyle & Shanez S