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School-age Program (6 to 12 years)

At Learning Jungle School, we offer school-age children a balance of homework time, structured activities, free play and individual hands-on exploration. After a long day in school, children look forward to unwinding and stretching their minds and muscles, hanging out with their friends and playing the numerous board games available at the Centre.

School-agers are offered before-and-after school alternatives. Children experience:

1 A variety of activities, both indoors and outdoors
2 Homework time as well as time for exploring the computer
3 Structured activities that includes French, Math and English lessons
4 Numerous arts and craft activities that encourage them to be creative

During the summer, school-agers get to enjoy a variety of trips to the library, local fire station, zoo and even the movies! They also work with their teacher to help with fundraising for their local charities.

Parent Involvement

At Learning Jungle School, we have designed a comprehensive communications system to allow you to get involved and be on top of your child’s ongoing development. This includes:

The Weekly Program Plan provides a summary of the activities that your school-ager will experience through the week. Activities are planned that include a balance of creative, structured, free-play and outdoor time.
This quarterly newsletter provides a summary of what has happened and what is coming up.
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For more information regarding which programs are available in your location, please choose the centre you are planning to attend.

Please note that each centre might have a different set of forms available, please speak with the centre's supervisor for more information.

Parent Testimonial

"My oldest daughter has been attending Learning Jungle School for 9 years, and my youngest daughter has been there for 6 years. Over the years, we have found the staff to be stupendous, helpful, caring, and very creative. They are always coming up with various crafts and events for the children to participate in. As well, they are always easy to talk to in the event of any questions or concerns.

I enrolled my oldest daughter at this daycare 9 years ago because I had a good feeling about the staff I had met, plus the atmosphere was very comfortable. The play area in the back is adequately fenced in, and my daughters have had many hours of fun play time there.

The fact that the staff walk my children to and from school in the morning, lunch, and after school has been a huge help as well. Plus the daycare provides lunches every day so I do not have to worry about dealing with that aspect.

I would highly recommend Learning Jungle School – Duffin’s Bay Campus to any parent who is searching for a daycare centre for their child."

-- Nancy W