Preparing for the Bento Box Program

Welcome to the Learning Jungle classroom of 2020/21

The Bento Box Program is a fully customizable school-age program to engage and support your child for the school year.

Online Learning 

(For children participating in distant learning with their regular school)

Learning Jungle will be there to remind your child when class begins. Educators provide set-up/login assistance and monitor participation for the duration of their online class. 

How parents can prepare:

  1. Provide required technology and materials to support your child’s learning.
    • Laptop/or tablet with charger
    • School supplies
  2. Provide Learning Jungle with online course instructions from your child’s school and inform us of any changes during the school year.
  3. Ensure your child arrives at our facility 30 mins before an online class begins to give time for set-up and preparation.
  4. Any printing requests should be emailed to the Facility Director minimum one hour before class begins.

Please note: Priority is given to your child’s online class schedule, therefore, we cannot guarantee that all children in each classroom will do things together (eg. lunch time or free play may be at different times).

Children will be required to respect their peers during any online learning sessions. Teachers will monitor the classroom to ensure children do not disrupt other children to play during this time.

Unfortunately, our facilities are not equipped with computers or devices. Parents are responsible for ensuring children arrive with the necessary equipment as directed by their school board.



Learning Jungle will provide a quiet space for your child to focus on their homework.

Our educators are available to support children as needed, however, please keep in mind, Learning Jungle educators manage multiple students at one time. We will try to encourage children to complete as much of their homework as possible.

Parents are required to inform us of any specific homework requirements. Our educators will review requirements on a daily basis. We will provide a homework log to keep parents up-to-date with their child’s progress.

Daily Reminders

  • Please bring your child’s laptop/or tablet. We recommend protective cases for all technology. Learning Jungle is not responsible for any loss or damage of personal devices.
  • Please ensure devices are fully charged every day.
  • Please ensure all personal items are labelled with your child’s full name. All personal items must be taken home each day.
  • Dress and/or pack appropriate attire for your child to play outdoors.

We would love to meet you.

We currently have 51 locations in 5 countries. Our facilities offer tours throughout the year.
We invite you to visit a location near you.

1.855.Learn55 or request a tour online.