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Parent Involvement

Learning Jungle School believes in maintaining good communications with parents in order to provide the best possible care to the child and also to increase the participation in the community. To this end, the Centre has many ways in which it communicates with the parents.

Parents get involved in a Learning Jungle School through:

Daily communication
Weekly lesson plans
My Learning Jungle
Parent volunteer program 
Special events
Annual survey
Suggestion box
Open-door policy
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1. Daily communication: You get to communicate with your child's teacher on a daily basis and discuss your child's day and overall development.
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Parent Testimonial

"My daughter has been at the Learning Jungle - Kennedy Campus for a year now. We are very pleased with the quality of care that she is receiving.

She started in the daycare when she was 2.5 years old. We chose to enrol her in the Learning Jungle due to all the positive feedback we heard, as well as the variety of programming options available at the daycare (we started her with the short day program initially).

Since enrolling her in the daycare, we have noticed that she has grown tremendously. Socially, she has made many new friends and has learned how to interact positively with other adults and children. Previously, she had been quite shy.

We have also been impressed with her learning. She has quickly learned her letters and her numbers. She also comes home every week, singing a new song.

We'd like to thank Miss Irene, Mr. Jonathan, Miss Tammy, and all of the staff at the Kennedy Campus for being so encouraging and helping to make our daughter's daycare experience so positive and enjoyable.


-- Mei Lan and Paul