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Parent Testimonials

"After having used the same registered daycare for approximately 2 and ½ years, we recently moved to another area of Barrie and realized it would be quite an inconvenience for us to continue to have our kids attend. This decision was a very emotional one for our family – since we had come to know the routine and the staff members of this facility very well. However, any reluctance and/or hesitation went away fast after enrolling our son at the Learning Jungle - Mapleview.

From the moment we met Carrie Field (Supervisor), she put our mind at ease. She was very knowledgeable and incredibly friendly - plus showed an amazing amount of concern for 'her kids' at the facility. Our son (who is currently enrolled in the Toddler program) surprises us every day with new words, songs and dance moves. He gets a tremendous amount of one-on-one time from his teachers (who are also wonderful!) and the quality of care provided by the L.J. staff is evident in our child’s behaviour and vocabulary. We think so much of the Learning Jungle, we decided to enroll our oldest son in the kindergarten program for the summer.

As a mother, nothing is more important to me than the care my children receive when they are not at home with us. After having had our son enrolled at the Learning Jungle for almost three months now, both my spouse and I can honestly say that we are extremely happy with our decision - and have absolutely no regrets. The staff are like family to us now."

-- Sheri S

"Thank you so much for helping Kieran with his Mother's Day gift - I was very touched by that :) We will be sure to find a special place to hang it!

Kieran has had a great 1st month at Learning Jungle. It makes it so much easier on us knowing he is in good hands while we are off at work. Peace of mind is PRICELESS :)

Now, our favourite part of the day is getting home from work & reading "Mary Jane's note-of-the-day." It brings smiles across our faces to hear how Kieran is doing & all the fun adventures he gets up to. Thank you for sending those home - keep 'em coming!

Hope you all had an excellent Mother's Day! You definitely deserve it!

Thanks Kieran's Second Mommies!"

-- Leanne & Pete

"I am writing to you today to thank you for the wonderful changes we are seeing in our son, Dhruv who joined Learning Jungle School – Cooksville Campus in the first week of October. We have been quite strict about talking to our son in our mother tongue till he was two, and as a result he didn't know much English when he came to Canada. And I'm really happy to say that in the past five months his English has improved leaps and bounds!

The other thing I have to commend about is how fast he got toilet trained in school. I guess with the extra help from teachers and the peer influence he was toilet trained in less than three months. And since then we had bid goodbye to diapers!

There has been an improvement in his social behaviour, his manners and mannerisms. I would say Learning Jungle School had a major part to play as he spent six of his waking hours there, five days a week!

It would be very ungrateful of me not to mention the role of his teachers in his development! I've been in touch with Ms. Jeanine from even before I landed in Canada. She was very friendly, warm and helpful on the phone and answered my never-ending queries. She definitely was the voice of Learning Jungle - Cooksville Campus way before I got here! She has been instrumental in his progress. Dhruv loves Ms. Jane who's very friendly and warm. Ms. Justine, Ms. Michelle and Ms. Lucia have been equally wonderful as well. All the staff are quick with a smile and a friendly hello, which I feel is very important.

I'm sure I must be echoing the thoughts of many parents in Learning Jungle Schools elsewhere too... I just wanted you to know how I felt and thank you for the excellent job you have been doing! I only wish that Dhruv has an opportunity to spend more time in Learning Jungle. I actually have to pull him away from his friends, toys and teachers at 3pm!

Thank you once again!"

-- Aparna & Murali

"We are writing to thank you for providing such excellent care of Jamie and Daniel since joining the Learning Jungle in 2009. The staff fostered a warm and nurturing learning environment for our sons who feel they have a second family at daycare.

When I walked through the doors of the Learning Jungle four years ago, I couldn't imagine leaving my one-year-old baby with anyone, let alone at a daycare centre. Jane and Cynthia quickly put my mind to rest! During the initial tour of the facility, Jane rolled up her sleeves and changed Jamie's diaper without blinking an eye. When I dropped off Daniel on his first day at the daycare, Cynthia was extremely kind and reassuring. That's what I love about the daycare - everyone is willing to help out to ensure the children and the parents are happy and that the programs run smoothly.

During the toddler years, we received so much help managing the challenges of picky eating, toilet training and discipline. We were always impressed with the level of creativity demonstrated by the staff with each new activity and craft the children learned. Now that the boys are both ready to start full day kindergarten, I'm grateful for what they have been taught in the preschool room. I'm confident they will easily transition to the new school largely due to the routines and programming established at the Learning Jungle.

We would especially like to thank Kim and Megan for teaching Jamie and Daniel each and every day in the preschool room (which could not have been easy!). The boys adore their teachers who are enthusiastic, positive and always willing to offer a hug or cuddle when needed. They should both be commended for their high level of energy and hard work.

Thank you all for the support and guidance you have offered to us. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend the Learning Jungle - Duffin's Bay to anyone seeking child care. We will miss you all, and I have no doubt we will be back in the future!"

-- Peter and Kim K

"My daughter has been at the Learning Jungle - Kennedy Campus for a year now. We are very pleased with the quality of care that she is receiving.

She started in the daycare when she was 2.5 years old. We chose to enrol her in the Learning Jungle due to all the positive feedback we heard, as well as the variety of programming options available at the daycare (we started her with the short day program initially).

Since enrolling her in the daycare, we have noticed that she has grown tremendously. Socially, she has made many new friends and has learned how to interact positively with other adults and children. Previously, she had been quite shy.

We have also been impressed with her learning. She has quickly learned her letters and her numbers. She also comes home every week, singing a new song.

We'd like to thank Miss Irene, Mr. Jonathan, Miss Tammy, and all of the staff at the Kennedy Campus for being so encouraging and helping to make our daughter's daycare experience so positive and enjoyable.


-- Mei Lan and Paul

"My oldest daughter has been attending Learning Jungle School for 9 years, and my youngest daughter has been there for 6 years. Over the years, we have found the staff to be stupendous, helpful, caring, and very creative. They are always coming up with various crafts and events for the children to participate in. As well, they are always easy to talk to in the event of any questions or concerns.

I enrolled my oldest daughter at this daycare 9 years ago because I had a good feeling about the staff I had met, plus the atmosphere was very comfortable. The play area in the back is adequately fenced in, and my daughters have had many hours of fun play time there.

The fact that the staff walk my children to and from school in the morning, lunch, and after school has been a huge help as well. Plus the daycare provides lunches every day so I do not have to worry about dealing with that aspect.

I would highly recommend Learning Jungle School – Duffin’s Bay Campus to any parent who is searching for a daycare centre for their child."

-- Nancy W

"It has been a great pleasure to send our daughter Alice to Learning Jungle School, where we all had a wonderful learning experience. In April, Alice is going to be a one and a half year old toddler. How time flies! She has to say goodbye to the infant program and transfer to a toddler program. Fortunately, there is another Learning Jungle School at Briarcrest Campus where it is much nearer to our home. So we are moving there.

Being Alice's parents, we are very proud of Alice's every day progress both in physical and brain development. Thanks to all Alice's three teachers: Ms. Alicia, Ms. Cheryl & Ms. Rosetta who contributed a lot of their energy to taking good care of our daughter Alice. She has grown up in a very happy environment and she really enjoyed every day being with all her three teachers. We are very grateful to them for their being so professional and tender and giving us lasting memories of her time there."

-- Zhenqiang W & Qiuli G

"Now that our daughter’s (Jianne S) stay has come to an end with Learning Jungle School – Cooksville Campus after completion of three years, my wife and I would like to take this opportunity first, to thank you and the staff of this location, namely, Ms. Jeanine, Ms. Ashley, Ms. Sima, Ms. Jane and Ms. Vanessa for the support provided towards our little girl’s academic, physical and psychological development through various programs, activities and remarkable feedback on her progress.

The staff have been extraordinary in their vocation and we as parents with a special needs child were very much dependent on them for her continued progress. Our daughter loves this school and she in her own way look forwards to being there every day and never has she grumbled about anything.

That shows the love and dedication of the teachers who have been extremely close to her. She has had a very sound development in her skills from all aspects and she is now ready to go for full-time school – once again THANK YOU Ms. Jeanine and your team.

I’m sure Jianne will miss you all.

Thank you sincerely!"

-- Carlyle & Shanez S

"I am writing this mail with utmost satisfaction with the service of staff at Learning Jungle School – Cooksville Campus. My son has been attending the toddler program for the last three months and we have the found the centre always welcoming, warm and fun-filled for him. The initial days of my son’s admission were handled well by Ms. Jeanine, Ms. Sima and Ms. Jane. Apart from these staff, Ms. Ashley and other staff members are also courteous and very caring. I have personally met with every one of the staff and not even once I can remember of the staff being less than courteous or patient. They all seem to love and care for the kids like their own which is wonderful. My wife and I now do not worry about my son because we are sure he is in safe hands. His behaviour and social habits have improved a lot. His dining table manners are clearly a positive impact from Learning Jungle. The teachers are always ready to give us tips regarding kids, discuss his activities and they also welcome us calling them during middle of the day to enquire his day at the centre.

We had to wait 5 months to get a spot for my son in Learning Jungle School. The wait was worth it every second.

Thanks a lot Learning Jungle School - Cooksville Campus team!"

-- Suren S

"I am writing this letter as one of appreciation to the administration and teachers at the Learning Jungle School – Buttonwood Campus. Emma was enrolled at the school since she was 18 months old until just recently when she started Junior Kindergarten.

During Emma’s time at the school, we have been extremely pleased with the level of care, education and support given by the teachers and administration. We were especially pleased with the professionalism, knowledge and genuine care shown by the Supervisor of the school, Ms. Merlita. She is truly exceptional in her role.

Since Emma started at Learning Jungle School, we have been extremely pleased with the environment and education that Emma has been exposed to. All the teachers were exceptionally well-qualified and caring, and the administration was excellent and efficient. We do not hesitate to recommend Learning Jungle School - Buttonwood Campus to anyone that asks about daycare options.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank Ms. Merlita, all the teachers and staff of Learning Jungle School. Emma has enjoyed her time immensely and made many friends. We look forward to visiting you in the future for daycare options."

-- Dr. Matthew J & Ms. Myvonny J

"It is with genuine regret that I am writing to inform you of Lushen’s last day at The Learning Jungle School - Cooksville Campus, dated March 29. She will be transitioning to a French daycare closer to home in preparation for Junior Kindergarten and beyond with the French Public School Board.

I sincerely extend my heartfelt thanks to you and the rest of the Learning Jungle School team. Lushen's time here was an incredible experience for her from the very beginning. I remember her first week there while changing her diaper at home; she started to sing all of Twinkle Little Star in her little baby voice. She was only 16 months! I truly appreciate the time, effort and energy you put into nurturing, educating and caring for Lushen as if she was your own. She would not be the smart little monkey she is without you!

I wish the Jungle continued success and growth. Be assured that I will continue to recommend you to anyone looking for quality daycare in the GTA. Please feel free to contact me should the need ever arise."

-- Sara

For more information regarding which programs are available in your location, please choose the centre you are planning to attend.

We have prepared a quality checklist that you can print out and take with you when visiting centres in your area. This checklist will help you make the best decision possible regarding care for your children.