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Toddler Program (18 months to 2 1/2 years)

By this age, children are getting more independent and we encourage their development with a carefully designed program of activities, which is largely through play. We offer a balanced program that allows Toddlers to:

1 Explore, be inquisitive or play quietly
2 Be engaged in many age-appropriate activities both indoors and outdoors
3 Enhance their fine motor skills through age appropriate self-help activities and pre-writing activities
4 Enhance their gross motor skills through floor exercises, outdoor and indoor play

This level is a continual approach for stimulating and reinforcing motor development. Refinement and coordination of motor developments is reinforced through physical activities with play as an avenue to learning.

Parent Involvement

At Learning Jungle School, we have designed a comprehensive communications system to allow you to get involved and be on top of your child’s ongoing development. This includes:

The Toddler Development Checklist which describes your toddler’s developmental progress by marking significant developmental milestones on a monthly basis through the year.
Toddlers are naturally inquisitive, and through this Toddler Routine Form, you will get to know how your child has done during the week. It focuses on their emotional well-being, their nutritional intake, and also provides specific comments when staff observe a significant developmental milestone.
This quarterly newsletter provides a summary of what has happened and what is coming up.
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For more information regarding which programs are available in your location, please choose the centre you are planning to attend.

Please note that each centre might have a different set of forms available, please speak with the centre's supervisor for more information.

Parent Testimonial

"I am writing to you today to thank you for the wonderful changes we are seeing in our son, Dhruv who joined Learning Jungle School – Cooksville Campus in the first week of October. We have been quite strict about talking to our son in our mother tongue till he was two, and as a result he didn't know much English when he came to Canada. And I'm really happy to say that in the past five months his English has improved leaps and bounds!

The other thing I have to commend about is how fast he got toilet trained in school. I guess with the extra help from teachers and the peer influence he was toilet trained in less than three months. And since then we had bid goodbye to diapers!

There has been an improvement in his social behaviour, his manners and mannerisms. I would say Learning Jungle School had a major part to play as he spent six of his waking hours there, five days a week!

It would be very ungrateful of me not to mention the role of his teachers in his development! I've been in touch with Ms. Jeanine from even before I landed in Canada. She was very friendly, warm and helpful on the phone and answered my never-ending queries. She definitely was the voice of Learning Jungle - Cooksville Campus way before I got here! She has been instrumental in his progress. Dhruv loves Ms. Jane who's very friendly and warm. Ms. Justine, Ms. Michelle and Ms. Lucia have been equally wonderful as well. All the staff are quick with a smile and a friendly hello, which I feel is very important.

I'm sure I must be echoing the thoughts of many parents in Learning Jungle Schools elsewhere too... I just wanted you to know how I felt and thank you for the excellent job you have been doing! I only wish that Dhruv has an opportunity to spend more time in Learning Jungle. I actually have to pull him away from his friends, toys and teachers at 3pm!

Thank you once again!"

-- Aparna & Murali