Learning Jungle Mapleview

Welcome to Mapleview

Barrie is a fast growing community and home to many who enjoy nature and the outdoors.

Our facility offers the comfort of spacious, natural light-filled classrooms throughout the day. Outdoor activity is a treat at Mapleview with access to nature and wildlife with ducks, geese and the sound of frogs often heard in the background.

The centre is conveniently close to major bus and train routes, including the Barrie South GO Station.

Our Mapleview location also offers enrichment programs.

Learning Jungle Mapleview
170 Prince William Way, Unit #6
Barrie, ON L9J 0G7

Supervisor: Barb Gironi
Hours of Operation:
6:30am – 6pm (M-F)


Programs available: Infant, Toddler, Preschool,
School-age (after school)

Enrichment: Arts (Piano), Languages (English, Mandarin), Mathematics


“It makes it so much easier on us knowing [our son] is in good hands while we are off at work. Peace of mind is PRICELESS. 🙂 Now, our favourite part of the day is getting home from work & reading “Mary Jane’s note-of-the-day.” It brings smiles across our faces to hear how Kieran is doing & all the fun adventures [he’s] up to.”

Leanne & Pete

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