Balloon Soccer

Indoor Environment

Ages: 4-6 years

Going after goals! This activity will stir up excitement and is great for developing your child’s spatial awareness and cognitive development.


  • Balloons
  • Masking tape = Halfway line
  • 2 large cardboard boxes = Soccer goals (Optional)


  • Find an open area that will allow for more freedom of movement during this activity.
  • Tape a line across the floor in the centre of the room to mark the halfway line.
  • Make goals by placing a large open cardboard box at either side of the room. You can also use any furniture or household items to make goalposts.
  • Encourage your child to kick the balloon and score points.
  • Encourage your child to tackle and win the balloon from you.

Increase the fun

Weather permitting, why not take this activity to the backyard and invite the rest of the family for a kick around.

SAFETY FIRST – Always check the room to make sure sharp objects and harmful items are put away (i.e. cords from lamps, glass objects on tables, loose items that may fall or topple over, etc.).

At Learning Jungle, we believe all children are capable, confident and full of potential. Co-learning empowers your child to take initiative. Encouraging child participation and engaging in open-ended, thought-provoking conversation throughout play is important for healthy child development.

Conversations with your child

  • Lift your feet high to reach the balloon.
  • How many points can you score?
  • Try not to use your hands!
  • Can you kick with your other foot?
  • You can do it!
  • Can you kick it higher?

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