Pizza Counting

Math & Sciences

4–6 years

A fun approach to counting. This imaginative play activity will improve your child’s ability to recognize numbers and enhance their counting skills.


  • 2 white paper plates (pizza)
  • Red dot stickers (pepperoni)
  • Black marker
  • Scissors


Plate One

  1. Using a marker, divide the paper plate into 8 triangles to represent pizza slices.
  2. Number each slice from 1 to 8. Ensure the slices are numbered sporadically, e.g. 1, 8, 5, etc.

Plate Two

  1. Divide the second paper plate into 8 slices and cut them out.
  2. Add 1, 2, 3…up to 8 pepperoni (red dot stickers) to each slice. Alternatively, you can draw dots with a red marker.

Time to count

  • The goal is to match the number of pepperonis on each slice to the corresponding number on the plate. For example, a slice with 4 pepperonis will match with the number 4.
  • Encourage your child to match all of the slices.

At Learning Jungle, we believe all children are capable, confident and full of potential. Co-learning empowers your child to take initiative. Encouraging child participation and engaging in open-ended, thought-provoking conversation throughout play is important for healthy child development.

Conversations with your child

  • How many slices do you have?
  • Can you count the dots?
  • Can you match all of the slices?
  • How fast can you match all of the slices?
  • Would you like a different pizza topping? What’s you favourite?

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