Puddle Jump


2.5 – 6 years 

Math and Movement. This activity is a great workout for the body and brain. Your child will improve their number skills, while developing lower-leg strength, balance and coordination. 


  • Blue construction paper 
  • Black marker 
  • Scissors 
  • Masking tape or small rocks (optional) 

Set up the environment

  1. Cut out 10 puddle shapes from the blue construction paper.
  2. Ensure the puddles are large enough for a child to stand on with both feet.
  3. Give each puddle a number from 1 through 10.
  4. Lay the puddles flat on the ground and secure with masking tape or small rocks. 

How to Play

The goal is to improve math skills and get active at the same time. 

  1. Jump on each puddle, from 1 through 10. Call out the number before each jump. 
  2. Increase the complexity by asking your child to identify “only the even numbers”.
  3. For older children, call out simple math equations, e.g., 3 + 3 =… Allow time to think before jumping. Ensure the answer to the math equation is close enough to reach. 
SAFETY FIRST – To prevent injury, children should always wear closed-toe shoes when participating in this activity. 

At Learning Jungle, we believe all children are capable, confident and full of potential. Co-learning empowers your child to take initiative. Encouraging child participation and engaging in open-ended, thought-provoking conversation throughout play is important for healthy child development.

Conversations with your child

  • What are ‘even numbers’? 
  • Bend your knees when you jump 
  • Can you jump from puddle 1 all the way to puddle 4? 
  • Can you hop on one leg to each number?
  • This time you only have 5 seconds to find the correct answer 

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