Pussy Willow Fingerprints

Creative Arts

2.5 years +

Tiny fingerprints make beautiful keepsakes. These framed pussy willow fingerprints will capture mom’s heart and will remain on display in the family home for years to come.


  • Soft coloured paper
  • Brown coloured marker or crayon
  • White tempera paint
  • Scissors
  • Picture frame (About 4” x 6”)


  1. Prepare some paint on a plate for your child to dip their finger(s) in.
  2. Cut your paper to size so it will comfortably fit in the picture frame.
  3. Guide your child to draw 3 to 4 vertical lines on the paper to represent the stems.
  4. Demonstrate the process by gently dipping your finger into the paint and softly pressing down on the stem. Your fingerprints will represent the white tufts.
  5. Allow your child to use one or more of their fingers and begin adding multiple tufts along the stem.
  6. Once the paint dries, frame your artwork and display it for the full family to admire.

Flower Facts

The proper name for Pussy Willow is Salix Discolor. These plants belong to a large family of willow (Genus Salix) and are native to North America, Northern Europe, and Northwest Asia. Small white furry tufts begin to appear along the stem at the end of winter; the soft coating of fur acts as insulation to protect the flowers from cold temperatures. The Pussy Willow typically blooms in early spring time.

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Conversations with your child

  • Can you draw the stems with your pen?
  • Can you dip your finger in the paint? Try using different fingers!
  • What does the paint feel like?
  • Try to stay close to the stem!
  • Make sure all the stem is covered!
  • Do you know moms favourite flower?

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