Our promise is to create a positive learning environment where children have a sense of belonging and well-being.

At Learning Jungle, we recognize that early childhood is an extraordinary time that sets the stage for all the years to follow.

We believe:

  • All children are capable, curious and full of potential
  • Children learn best through developmentally appropriate programs
  • Parent engagement is important in a child’s development.
  • A child’s progress should be measurable

Our promise is to create a positive learning environment where children have a sense of belonging and well-being. We offer programs that encourage creativity, focus and engagement to support optimal development (social, emotional, language, cognitive and physical).

We ensure:

  • Educators engage families regularly to understand and discuss each child’s individual needs
  • Educators plan activities and lesson plans to foster every child’s learning through exploration, play and inquiry
  • Families have opportunities to learn and provide feedback about their child’s progress by accessing online portfolios that showcase lesson plans, pictures and daily reports
  • Educators are provided teacher training, and are supported by our Learning Jungle Expert Group and technology
  • Physical environments are safe, healthy and inviting



“It makes it so much easier on us knowing [our son] is in good hands while we are off at work. Peace of mind is PRICELESS. 🙂 Now, our favourite part of the day is getting home from work & reading “Mary Jane’s note-of-the-day.” It brings smiles across our faces to hear how Kieran is doing & all the fun adventures [he’s] up to.”

Leanne & Pete

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