School-Age Programs

Busy working parents require convenient, school-age programs that nurture the well-being of their growing children. At Learning Jungle, school-age children enjoy a balance of homework time, structured activities, free play and individual hands-on exploration.


After-School Program

Our Before and After-School Program invites your child into the Learning Jungle classroom before and/or after their regular school day.

Learning Jungle educators take the time to form meaningful relationships with each child, appreciating the increased competency of school-age children by giving them independence but also encouraging and helping them to participate and make the right decisions.

Play is still critical for school-age children as they continue to grow their skills in the five domains (social, emotional, language, cognitive and physical). After a long day at school, children look forward to unwinding and stretching their muscles, hanging out with friends, and engaging in a variety of fun, educational activities available at our facility.

School Age Programs


Bento Box Program

In response to COVID-19, we have developed a new program for school-age children to accommodate parents who are faced with trying to manage a hybrid teaching approach from district school boards.

Our ‘bento-box’ approach has been designed to assist busy families who need various levels of family support during this unprecedented time. This program will allow you to select a custom schedule and specific areas of focus to ensure your child continues to have a balanced learning experience for the school year. Options include:

  • Monitoring your child during their online learning sessions with their school
  • Dedicated homework time
  • Homework support from our educators
  • Free play with friends
  • Leisure activities to support personal hobbies or interests, such as Arts & Crafts, Reading or Science
  • Meal programs
Currently offered at: Lone Mountain, Spring, Valley Center

Fun Fact

‘Bento’ is a word that originates from the Southern Song Dynasty slang term biàndāng, which means convenient. The term is commonly used today in Japanese food preparation as the ‘bento box’. The main idea is to create portioned servings of different foods to deliver a balanced meal. We thought this was a fun analogy to describe our new school-age program!

School Age Programs

Benefits of the Program

  • Spending time with other children to promote healthy connections and friendships with their peers
  • Flexible for parents who need to return to work, yet the school system has not returned to normal scheduling
  • Educators are on-hand to assist with homework when required, allowing children to focus without home distractions
  • Technology management, ensure children are not glued to their devices and spend more time being present and engaged with others
  • Smaller classroom sizes
  • A safe and nurturing learning environment where children can freely explore their creativity and curiosity
  • Experienced educators with first-hand experience managing strict cleaning and sanitization standards

How is the Bento Box Program customized for each child?

Example One

Trevor’s Bento Box

Trevor is in Grade 3 and his school has decided to implement a hybrid school model. He attends his regular school programming three times a week.

Learning Jungle Schedule: Two full days/week

Areas of focus:  Trevor finds a quiet corner on the days he attends Learning Jungle to participate in online learning for an hour with his school system. He requires time for homework and has expressed a strong interest in Arts & Crafts. His two full days at Learning Jungle give him discipline to complete his homework, connect with friends, enjoy lunch and spend time igniting his curiosity around the classroom.

Example Two

Jessica’s Bento Box

Jessica is in Grade 1 and her school has decided to open for regular class programming M-F mornings only. Her parents work full-time and require assistance with caring for her in the afternoons.

Learning Jungle Schedule: M-F Half days

Areas of focus: After attending her regular schooling in the morning, Jessica comes to Learning Jungle in the afternoons for a combination of homework and leisure play with friends. Jessica loves storybooks; our educator frequently spends time co-learning with her to improve her reading and comprehension skills. Her free time spent with friends in the classroom keep her happy and well-balanced throughout the school year.

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