Child Care Subsidy Programs

Every child deserves quality education.

Quality child care is essential for growing families and what inspires us to continually look for ways to improve our offerings and better serve family needs. Learning Jungle is proud to partner with the state of California to administer General Child Care and Development Programs (CCTR) for families who require financial assistance. Our commitment is to support your family every step of the way, starting from CCTR certification to registering and preparing your child for their first day of school at Learning Jungle.

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Are you Eligible?

The CCTR program is open to all residents of California with children under the age of 13.

The factors that determine eligibility and acceptance into the program include:

  • Personal unforeseen circumstances for example: homelessness, under Child Protective Services (CPS), children at risk of neglect or exploitation or those currently receiving government support benefits*.
  • Family income – Income thresholds vary depending on family size and the county of residence. Income must be 85% or less of California state median income.
  • Need for childcare because of employment, education of training commitments.

Learning Jungle Locations

The CCTR program is available at the following Learning Jungle locations in San Diego and Sacramento.

San Diego
Learning Jungle Escondido
Learning Jungle Escondido East
Learning Jungle San Marcos
Learning Jungle Valley Center

Learning Jungle Lincoln
Learning Jungle Morse
Learning Jungle West Sacramento 

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How to Apply

To initiate the process, please complete the CCTR Request a Tour Form.

A Registration Representative will connect with you to guide you through your next steps. We also invite you to schedule a tour at your preferred Learning Jungle facility.

If you qualify for CCTR assistance you will be placed on our CCTR waitlist. This waitlist is not entirely based on a first-come, first-serve model, but instead attended to by means of an admission priority ranking as per the California Department of Social Services.

The two priority categories are:

  1. If a child is a recipient of Child Protective Services and/or may be at risk of neglect or abuse.
  2. Families who are income eligible. This is determined based on family income and size, with the lowest income ranked families admitted first. 

Quick and easy 3-step process 

What to expect and how to prepare

Step One

Request a Tour & Qualify for CCTR

Get to know Learning Jungle and apply to be on the CCTR waitlist.

After you have completed the CCTR Request a Tour Form, a Registration Representative will connect with you to understand your needs, introduce you to Learning Jungle and schedule a tour. You will be directed to a link to complete and submit our online CCTR Intake Form. A Subsidy Coordinator will contact you within 1-2 business days to let you know of your eligibility for CCTR assistance. If you qualify, you will be placed on our CCTR waitlist.

What you’ll need to know:

  • Preferred Learning Jungle location
  • Anticipated start date for your child
  • Information about your employment, income and participation in government support programs.

Step Two

Finalize CCTR Certification

A Learning Jungle spot has become available and we are now ready to finalize your CCTR status.

Once a Learning Jungle spot becomes available to you, a Subsidy Coordinator will schedule an enrollment meeting (phone call or virtual meeting) to finalize your CCTR certification. At this time, we will request supporting documentation to validate your information including income status, need for childcare, and all other necessary government documents as required.

What we require for CCTR certification:

  • Documentation (in digital format) to validate your personal information, employment, financial status and participation in government support programs.

Step Three

Begin Learning Jungle Enrollment

You’re now ready to register for the Learning Jungle program. We are excited to welcome you to our school.

Your Learning Jungle Registration Representative will connect with you to begin the necessary paperwork to enroll your child. Learning Jungle child care spots are limited and in high demand. It is important to respond back in a timely manner to avoid losing your spot.

Information we require for child registration:

  • Family doctor and emergency contact information
  • Child medical information (Immunization records, medication, allergies, etc.)
  • Completion of Individual Child Care Plan

If families do not accept enrollment (normally 3 business days), the spot will be forfeited and given to the next qualifying candidate. Consequently, families will be disenrolled from the CCTR program and required to restart the CCTR qualification process if they wish to be reconsidered. If family circumstances change, this could affect your eligibility and you may be required to provide new documentation.

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*Government support benefits include: Medi-Cal, CalWORKs, CalFresh/SNAP, California Food Assistance Program, California Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC), Early Head Start, Head Start, The Federal Food Distribution on Indian Reservations