Summer Program

Join us as we kick back to the basics of good ol’ summer time fun. Spend more time outdoors, taking in the fresh air, warm temperatures and sunny skies!

Toddler – School-Age (2 to 12 years)

May – August 2024

Sacramento, CA | June 10 – August 9
San Diego, CA | June 17 – August 16
Lone Mountain, NV | May 28 – August 9
Raleigh, NC | June 10 – August 23

11 week programming*, flexible enrolment

Designed to give families the flexibility to enrol for 2 weeks, up to a full 11-week summer season, our program encompasses an exciting array of visual arts, math & science, sports, music and dance activities for children to learn and grow.

Best of all, every week we celebrate our learnings together with a summer-themed event that is sure to bring a smile from ear to ear!

We integrate summer programming into our regular child care programs during the summer months. If your child is already enrolled in our child care program, they will also enjoy the summer experience at Learning Jungle. 

*School-age programs are available at Lone Mountain, Escondido East and all Sacramento locations. Dates vary depending on your location. Our registration rep will provide more details. 

Benefits for Children

  • Spend time enjoying the outdoors
  • Reduce screen time
  • Explore and discover new interests
  • Build friendships and share experiences with peers
  • Discover nature and learn to respect our planet
  • Learn about summer harvest and enjoy tasty treats
  • Stay active and have fun!

We infuse nature awareness with enriching learning experiences to our summer programming.

Children will participate in age-appropriate group activities and also enjoy individual play to explore their favourite interests at their own pace.

Outdoor and Nature Play

Summer is a great time for children to connect with nature. Children will have plenty of opportunities to ignite their creativity and imagination as they enjoy adventures outdoors and discover and explore their own neighbourhood.

Savour Earth’s Goodness

Fresh watermelon, snow cones, fruit pops and many other healthy tasty treats to savour. Our educators will create learning experiences with seasonal produce to keep children cool, hydrated and full of energy.

Move & Groove in the Sunshine

Soak up that vitamin D! We provide a variety of physical activities that pique each child’s individual interests and progress. Whether it’s participating in sports, creative arts, science experiments, or learning to fly a kite, it’s a time to be active and take it outside!

Connect with Community

Educators are there alongside the children as they explore and share stories about their community. Engaging in acts of kindness and generosity provide opportunities for children to give back and build healthy habits at a young age.

Celebration and summer go hand in hand! We end each week with a fun-filled summer event, guaranteed to bring joy, laughter and lifelong memories.

2024 Celebration Line-up

Rain or shine, we celebrate each week!
(Events may be modified if conditions require us to be indoors)

Summer Harvest

We kick off the summer admiring all the bright colours, smells and tastes that summer harvest brings us. Children will enjoy a picnic outdoors (at a local park if available), followed by nostalgic summer games and sing-alongs.


We love a good arts and music festival filled with bubbles, glow sticks and flower crowns! On this day we appreciate the many modes of artistic expression, including music, visual arts, dance and literature.

Melodies Under the Sun

No summer is complete without a concert under the sun. Let’s make some noise! This day of celebration brings summertime beats and dance moves to the outdoor classroom. Children will play instruments and listen to the sounds of summer.

Summer Olympics

Ready to get moving? From freeze tag to relay races, our exciting lineup of classic summer sports activities are always a hit for all ages, encouraging healthy competition, self-confidence and good sportsmanship.

Up, Up and Away

Time to look up! Children dress up in shades of blue and float like the clouds as they enjoy playful activities outdoors including kite flying, bubbles and paper airplanes.

Summer Carnival

As a final adieu to summer, children will wrap the summer season with a carnival in our very own play yard. Celebrate friendship and summer memories, including reflections on our summer projects.

Ready for the Races

On this special day, we celebrate Derby style! Children will have the opportunity to style a festive hat and participate in outdoor games and races that stir up healthy competition with their friends.

Campfire Stories

Children will enjoy singing songs and telling stories as they gather around the ‘campfire’. We set-up camp in our play yard and spend the day appreciating nature, playing outdoor games and snacking on tasty smores!

Water, Water Everywhere

Time to get in our bathing suits and cool off! Our play areas are set-up with multiple water activities. Sprinklers, inflatables and water toys will provide children with plenty of wet and wild experiences.

We Are Family

Honoring culture and diversity around the world with a day of festivities that include savoury tastings, dancing and cultural celebrations.

Playground Picasso

Let our creativity run wild, with an outdoor paint day! With the warm weather, comes a perfect time to transform our outdoor play area to blank canvas. Children can look forward to singing, dancing and expressing themselves freely with the colours of the rainbow!

“Summertime is always the best of what might be.”

Charles Bowden

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